A giant bubble solution recipe is included


* Create giant soap bubbles 3 metres high to put children & adults inside. 
* Make beautiful rainbow bubbles which will come down over wheelchair users.
* The strong, lightweight bubble moat has a non-tip safety feature and will hold the weight of an adult. No spillage if you step on it.
* The red & yellow hoop has a removable screw-on handle. 

Ideal for   Schools   Special schools   Nurseries   Parties    

Giant bubbles will create awe & wonder in children of all ages and can be an exciting starting point for language & literacy, creative art, STEM and so much more. 
Bubbles will encourage children & young people with special needs and disabilities to focus and participate and to have fun! 

The BubblesUp moat is also ideal for play with water, sand, soil, jelly, seeds, ice, playdough, small-world vehicles & people, and many more sensory play ideas.

Moat: 90cm     
Weight: 2.3kg
Materials recyclable 
Made in the UK
Recommended for domestic use with adult supervision and not for children under 3 years

Giant bubbles to stand inside need to be made indoors in a draught free place, so towels or even newspaper on your kitchen floor are great to catch drips!
huge bubbles outside too when there is no wind.